Some feedback for the Modern Tribe chapter list and quotes
Hey there! In the spirit of the 'crowd' and inviting the tribe in to the process, I've put together the chapter list for the first book and some possible quotes to frame each chapter. Would love it if you could let me know which quote you find most powerful to describe the chapter (and what you feel the chapter entails). Much love, Al
I've listed the chapters and possible quotes underneath. If you could just select which quote you feel fits best and is most powerful that would be great. There is also the 'other' option if you'd like to suggest another quote, that would also be amazing!

1. Our Collective Life Cycle

2. Measures over Meaning

3. Crafting a New Story

4. Reconnecting to Our Nature

5. A Message from our Ancestors

6. Approaching the Whole

7. Coliving with Consciousness

8. Myth, Ritual and Meaning

9. Imagining a Modern Tribe

10. Mirror Between Worlds

11. What a Modern Tribe asks of Us

12. Your Call to Adventure

Thank you for taking the time to be part of crafting the narrative for the first Modern Tribe book. It feels great to have input from those who are supporting the book and movement. With love, Al

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